Huston I have a problem…

So, I have all the pictures for chapter ten ready and waiting. However right when I was going to save and quit my game it CRASHED, and I proceeded to cry in a corner about all the data that I had lost. So my question to you all is this: should I go ahead and post the new chapter and attempt to redo everything that happened? Or should I just start my game over from the point I left off (the point where the last chapter ended) and try again? When we last left off the teens had 7 days of teen hood left and the end of this chapter was their graduation. Please leave me suggestions I would appreciate it greatly!!!!!

Chapter 9: Competition?


Jared: Death has nothing on me! Feel my wraith!

It really is odd that these snowmen haven’t melted yet. Looks like Jared thinks so too. Ah well, have fun with that.

Screenshot-97 Screenshot-98

Jared: Ah, I think I threw out my back D:

Now now, you’re not that old yet. Although you may be feeling that way because the twins are growing up.



Cinnamon:  So Colby, as you know our birthday is coming up. Our party needs to be the best ever, so I want you to scream the lyrics to happy birthday as we both reach the awkward stage of puberty. Can you do that for me Colby?





Colby: Sure thing sis! I love music. Hey what’s puberty?

Cinnamon: Uh… Never mind.





Cinnamon: Mother, Father, Colby and I request that you throw us the biggest birthday extravaganza out there. We need lots of cake and balloons right brother?

Colby: Yeah lots of balloons!


Penelope: We’ll see what we can do dear. Of course I want your part to be special. You sure are growing up so fast! I wonder which one of you will carry on the family name and have my grand kids first!

Cinnamon: Uh… Is this a competition?

Penelope: Only if you want it to be.


Cinnamon: I shall win this competition! And I will start by earning our parents love by doing the dishes!

Jared: Don’t forget the pots and pans!

Cinnamon: Yes father.


Colby: Hey mom do you like the funny face I can make?


Penelope: Ha ha, I can make one too!

It’s nice to see that these two get along well.


Colby: So mom, about the competition you were talking about earlier, what do I have to do exactly? I have to grow up and have babies?

Penelope: Oh I was just joking sweetie, though I think your sister might be taking it seriously you know how she is. Why not you just play along for her sake?


Colby: Okay! I’m still going to try and win though. Cinnamon is pretty fun when she makes up games like this.


 Cinnamon: You think this is a game? I see what you’re doing trying to win mom over, but I will come out on top!

Colby: Uh, okay.

Penelope: Have fun you two.


And so the party started with Conner Frio and Madison Whats-her-face getting in an argument.

Madison: Omg Conner don’t touch me!

Conner: But we came here together?

Poor guy has no luck with the ladies.


And then little miss Amiee Ursine butted into the conversation. Well, I decided to give her a makeover.


Not as cute as she was when she was a child, but I’d say this look suits her much better.

Madison: Where’s my plate?


And so the party got started!

Cinnamon: You call this a party? What’s with all the old people I don’t like?

Well you don’t really have friends besides your brother. Hey since when could you break the fourth wall anyway?

Cinnamon: Shut up.


And so she grew up looking pretty good I must say! Minus the glitched party spinner in her hand. Her traits are now: easily impressed, loves cold, evil, and party animal.

Cinnamon: Hey Aimee, guess who the better looking one of us is!

Aimee: Don’t make me shove this up your butt!

That would be an interesting fight to watch.


Next up was Colby’s turn!

Jared: Ha ha you’re plumbob is showing!

Colby: Stop breaking the fourth wall dad.


Cinnamon: I will blow harder than you! You will not beat me at this blowing contest!

Aimee: Okay that just sounded wrong.


And just as he was about to age up…

Jared: Argh! I don’t feel so good, I think I’m gonna-

Colby: Dad… why would you do this to me?


And so Colby is now a teenager as well! I gave him one of the hairs I got from midnight hollow. I think it suits him well. His traits are now: couch potato, virtuoso, heavy sleeper and frugal.

Colby: My shoes are wet.

Well, isn’t that a great way to celebrate your birthday?



For Colby’s birthday present he got this guitar, which Aimee promptly grabbed before he could and started to play “music”.

I honestly forget what Cinnamon’s present was supposed to be.


Cinnamon: While I admit that wasn’t the most excellent party I will make sure to win the love of our parents over from you.

Colby: Do you want to have kids that badly?

Cinnamon: No, but I want it win!


I had the family go to the spring festival in hopes that the kids would find potential lovers but had no luck.


These two seemed to have no problem having a good time though, even in the rain. These two are so sweet.


They also got a nice little family photo to put on their desk. I’m glad these guys are all pretty close.


Cinnamon brought home this guy from school and I was hoping the two would get along.


Turns out Cinnamon’s not very good at making friends.


But she is good at winning fights.

Cinnamon: That’s what you get!

Random guy: What did I even do?


Jared: Cinnamon you can’t just beat up random guys!

Cinnamon: But-

Jared: No buts! Time out!


Cinnamon: Grrr… maybe I should have let Aimee keep him after all.

These two don’t have the best relationship.


Penelope: This pie is really great! You’ve been getting better dear!

Jared: Thanks, but what do you think we should do about Cinnamon? She always end up doing the craziest things. I can’t believe she just beat up that guy for no reason!

Penelope: Sweet heart you used to do that a bit too. Just give her some time she’ll find her way. Under that hard exterior she really does just want to be loved.

Jared: You’re right. I just hope she learns soon.

Penelope really is an awesome mom.


And so prom came very quickly and the twins got all dressed up! They didn’t have any dates but I hoped that they would soon get some.

Cinnamon: Are you ready for the biggest night of our teenage lives?

Colby: Ready as I’ll ever be.


Cinnamon: Well good luck scoring a girl tonight! You’re gonna need it Colbs!

Colby: You’re going to nee more luck than I am!


This is Cinnamon’s prom dress here, I think she look beautiful in it!


Here’s a look at Colby’s suit. He looks dashing as well I must say!

I don’t remember completely how their prom went but I think it’s safe to assume that Cinnamon got in a fight. Neither of them got a date, Cinnamon got prom queen, and Colby got prom king.



Cinnamon seemed pretty outraged by this.

Cinnamon: Is this some sort of joke? Do our classmates think of us as incestuous! How dare they mock us! We will show them!

Colby: And how exactly do you plan on doing that?

Cinnamon: …I’m not completely sure yet, but mark my words they will pay!



Here are the pictures that they brought home from prom. I think I like Colby’s best.


The next morning the two got up to eat breakfast together before school. After all leftover birthday cake is the breakfast of champions.

Colby: So now that you’ve had the night to think, have you decided how to get revenge on our classmates?

Cinnamon: I have quite a few ideas, but since there’s no way of really knowing who voted for us to be prom king and queen we would either have to do a mass school prank or just prove them wrong by getting dates.


Colby: I think the latter would be best.

Cinnamon: Are you sure? Because I have an idea which involves dead fish in people’s gym pants.

Colby: Yes I’m sure.


Cinnamon: Well if you’re sure. Just let me know if you change you’re mind, I have another idea that’s even better if you want to get complicated we could use a weather vane to-

Colby: I don’t want to know what your idea is! After school let’s go out looking for dates and then meet up at the park. Deal?

Cinnamon: Deal.


And so the two went off to school with their latest plan in their heads.


After school Cinnamon decided to try out the new karaoke bar, only to find it to be filled with adults and old men.

Cinnamon: Don’t stop make it pop DJ blow my speakers up!

Old dude: What is it with these youngsters and their ridiculous music?!


Looking around the room it seemed there was no one there she could potentially fall in love with, and so she left.


Colby went home first and looked at their desk that now housed their prom photos and crowns.


He had a plan though, and called a girl he met from school named Bethany Mosely.

Colby: Hello, yes this is Colby Jack from your math class…. Yes I- no that’s not… I was just calling because I wanted to know if you wanted to go out for dinner tonight? No? Oh… okay. Yeah that’s fine. Bye.

Rejected and hurt, poor Colby went to the park to meet up with his sister and maybe find a girlfriend while he was at it.


Cinnamon: Hey Colby, and luck finding a girl?

Colby: Uh no not really. How about you?

Cinnamon: No luck here either.


Colby: Well I’m starving so I’m going to go join the hot dog contest. Do you want to come?

Cinnamon: No I think I might look around a bit more. See you in a bit.


Cinnamon met this man here, and though he’s an adult I would say that he is a pretty good candidate. His name is Dion Ewing.

Cinnamon: So it sure is nice out tonight.

Dion: Oh yeah this festival’s a blast. Nice meeting you but I have to go.

Cinnamon: Oh okay then.


Colby was in a contest with a woman who seemed alright to me.


Until she walked away and I realized that she was super pregnant! No luck for Colby here.


Colby: This is crazy! I just don’t know why I can’t find a date!


Cinnamon: It is crazy, I don’t know why anyone wouldn’t want to date either of us.

Colby: Are you okay Cinnamon? You look kind of down.


Cinnamon: It’s fine, I just don’t like losing. I guess we both lost.

Colby: Hey don’t give up yet. Where’s the Cinnamon I know who beats the snot out of anything that looks at her funny?



Cinnamon: Hey I’m still here and I’m not going anywhere! Keep talking like that and I’ll beat the snot out of you!

Colby: Ha, that’s what I like to hear. If you really want to fight how about we use those water balloons over there?

Cinnamon: Alright, don’t expect me to go easy on you though!


Even without succeeding in finding a boyfriend or girlfriend the two realized they were in this together. They would make it through thick and thin.



Keeping her promise Cinnamon nailed her brother to the ground with one of the balloons.


And then they got picked up by the cops for being out maybe 5 minutes after curfew.

Cinnamon: Curse this darn system trying to keep us down!

Cop lady: Do you want me to send you to jail?

Cinnamon: Uh…no.


Jared: Darn it Cinnamon what did you do this time? I thought I told you no more fights!

Cinnamon: But I wasn’t in a fight!

Jared: I don’t want to hear it you’re grounded!

Colby: Please ignore me please ignore me please ignore me…


Jared: And you’re grounded too young man for letting her fight!

Colby: But dad there wasn’t any fight-

Jared: I don’t want to hear it, you’re grounded and that’s it!


Penelope: It’s okay I understand what really happened. You’re not grounded I’ll talk to your father okay?

Colby: Thanks mom.


Penelope: I’m letting you off the hook too Cinnamon, just make sure you guys don’t stay out late again alright?

Cinnamon: Yes mom, thanks mom.

Penelope: Now get to bed you two.

And on that note this chapter is over! Hope you all enjoyed it, it was a bit of a longer chapter because I wanted to fit all of this in. As for the heirs I think I will go ahead and make these two dual heirs. They really are inseparable, they’re best friends on the friend meter. So there won’t be an heir poll I hope you don’t mind. They still have a few more days left being teens but I think I’ll go ahead and start the next generation with the next chapter. See you all next time!


Chapter 8 The Computer

Well it’s been awhile hasn’t it? Sorry about that everyone. I guess you could say that both life and school got in the way. However now I am free of school and will be graduating high school on June 7th! Huzzah! I will have plenty of time to update this legacy now. Without further ado, let’s get this chapter started!


Cinnamon: The internet is fascinating! Connecting around the world with others to create a collage of cats, selfies, and woman’s underwear! This device should help me achieve world domination!

Cinnamon what are you looking at? O.o Anyway we were able to save up enough money to get a computer and the family seems to love it.


Life in the household continued normally, however Jared and Penelope can have more time to themselves now that the kids aren’t toddlers anymore.

Screenshot-4 Screenshot-5

The first day of spring arrived, and the two set off for their first day of school. Neither of them seem very happy about this.

Cinnamon: Darn this accursed institution for taking me away from the internet.

Colby: I never got a turn with it! D:



As soon as the kids left Jared decided to celebrate with his own personal dance party.

Jared: They’re gone it’s time for school! The house is quiet again! 😀


Penelope finally got out of bed herself and decided to check out the computer herself.

Jared: Morning sweetie, the kids are at school!


It promptly broke.

Jared don’t care, Jared got his grove on.



Penelope: We don’t have money to get this fixed…



She decided to go out to the Spring Festival instead with her husband.

Penelope: I wonder why these snowmen haven’t melted yet?

 Cinnamon from far away: Because my army is invincible! Do not doubt my power mother.

Okay then.


The two are very much in love, and had a great time at the festival together.


Until they remembered that they had to go to work.

Penelope: Ah we’re gonna get fired and go broke!

Jared: Not if I have anything to say about it.

And that was the end of their date.

Screenshot-27 Screenshot-28

As soon as the twins got home from school they both decided that a nap was needed. I guess that’s what staying up to late will do to you.


After their parents came home Cinnamon decided to try and become better friends with her dad.

Cinnamon: I must win dad away from Aimee.


Cinnamon: So you know the best food even is Ratatouille right? If you disagree you cannot possibly be my father.


Jared: Actually I prefer grilled salmon myself.

Cinnamon: You… what?


Cinnamon: Are you sure about that dad?

Jared: Yep! Wait does this mean I’m not your dad?


Jared: Cinnamon, are you trying to tell me that I’m not actually your dad?

Cinnamon: No you are my dad, I was just saying that I couldn’t accept a dad who doesn’t like ratatouille!


Jared: Well I guess I’m not your dad then.

Cinnamon: Maybe I went around this the wrong way…


The two then got started on their homework.

Colby: Sis, why are we learning multiplication in the first grade?

Cinnamon: It’s just the system’s way of trying to keep us down.



Colby: How’s that supposed to help me solve these problems.

Cinnamon: It’s not, but don’t worry! Once I rule the world we won’t have to deal with this nonsense. Although I wonder if I need to solve these problems to get world domination.

Colby: Probably.


Cinnamon: Ugh! I’m done with this, now I must go to bed goodnight Colby.


The next morning started off like any other, Penelope made breakfast.


They ate together at the table.


And Colby complained about the computer being broken while turning on the radio.

Colby: I never got a turn with it and now it’s broken. 😦

So after the kids left for school, Penelope tried to fix it.



Things didn’t go as she had expected.

Penelope: Oh no it’s burning!



Penelope: That’s a really big fire!


Jared: Why does it smell smokey in here?

Penelope: Because there’s a fire, help!


Jared: Oh my Plumbob we’re gonna die!

Penelope: No call the police or something!


Jared: Uh, it’s okay honey I’ve got this!

Penelope:  It’s getting bigger!


Penelope: Jared this isn’t working!


Penelope: Oh darn that computer!


After the fire spread a bit Jared managed to put it out after all and the crisis was averted. It seriously scared the pants off me though. The two shared a passionate hug after they were safe.


After the mess was cleaned up Jared went to celebrate.

Jared: We’re alive! We didn’t die take that fire! Jared will always have power over you!

Well I’ll leave this chapter off here! Next chapter the kid become teens and we’ll have an heir poll! Hope you enjoyed this chapter. Also, I’ve started up a new story and I’d really appreciate it if you’d give it a read. It’s going to have a bit of a mystery to it, here it is. Thanks a bunch!


Explaination for my absence…

Hello everyone who reads this blog! I am here to apologize for the lack of posts recently. I have the pictures ready for the next chapter (and really have had them for awhile…) so I will post them  tommorw, the first day of 2014.

Why haven’t I posted them yet you ask? Well because I have a problem. I am an incredibly lazy, lazy person. Sure I’ve had other roadblocks along the way that have stolen my attention. For example, the releases of Pokemon X and Y, Rune Factory 4 (which I am absolutely addicted to at the moment), and other things like hanging out with friends, watching movies etc.

The other road block which is kind of big would be my schooling. I am currently a senior in high school, but I am also a sophomore in college. How is that you ask? Well let me explain. I am dual enrolled at the community college in my town. I don’t go to my high school at all (thank God because I hate that place) and this past semester have had 4 college classes and 1 high school class. I love this program because it gets me closer to my AA degree for free, keeps me away from high schoolers, and all around challenges me in ways I wasn’t being challenged before. However this past semester was particularly rough. I got a D as my final grade in College Algebra (sadness), and had some pretty bad professors. Along side those classes I have online PE, which is the stupidest thing in the universe. I have to take it for high school credit, and have gotten really behind on it both because I was busy, and lazy. I have been needing to catch up on it on Christmas break. That has been a struggle because as I said before I am very lazy.

As for this legacy I am going to keep up with it to the best of my abilities, and have even had ideas to write other sims stories on other blogs. I’ll let you know if that happens.

Also I reread my last chapter and realized two things, I am very unfunny, and I make a lot of spelling mistakes. So if you notice any mistakes on my posts please let me know so I can fix them. As for the not being funny part… well I try. Any other sims stories I write will not be comedy, I am very bad at comedy. Mystery, and tragedy are more of my forte.

So anyway if you have read all of this through, thank you and I swear I will get the next chapter out tomorrow! 🙂

Chapter 7: Babies, Parties, and Jealousy!

screenshot_126 Okay I swear that I had more pictures of the twins in the burrito stage, but for some reason I can’t find them. Anyway here they are, Cinnamon on the left, and Colby Jack on the right!For some reason they both have brown hair, which is kind of random. But they both got Penelope’s green eyes.

Cinnamon: Which hole does this go in?

Colby: Your mouth, toys are nummy!screenshot_127 Penelope loves her little munchkins a whole bunch. She constantly dotes on them like this.

screenshot_127.5screenshot_128 The babies have no problem getting their needs met because their parents absolutely adore them.

Cinnamon: Nom nom nom!

She’s adorable.

screenshot_129 Thankfully she has still found the time to practice cooking, after all she needs to master her cooking skill and learn all of the recipes.

screenshot_131 Even with the babies around the couple still manages to keep up their routine of eating and reading together at the table.

screenshot_133Jared has been a good parent too, always rolling wishes to teach his kids to walk and talk.


Colby: Am I cute?

Yes, yes you are.

screenshot_136  For some strange reason, Jared felt the need to give himself a sponge bath in the middle of the house. He does the strangest things sometimes.

Jared: Ah, it’s so refreshing to sponge off in the open space of my kitchen.


Jared: Whoops… I guess we’ll have to do the dishes in the bathroom now.

screenshot_140 Jared and Penelope both had to go back to work very soon so they had to hire a baby sitter

screenshot_141 I was worried that she would just stand around and let the toddler’s needs drop, but she actually took very good care of them. I was pretty relieved.

screenshot_142 As soon as they got home from work they were all over each other. I guess they couldn’t take having to act like they aren’t a couple at work. It’s nice to see them so happy together! ❤

screenshot_143 Jared then rolled a wish to throw the twins a birthday party so he invited over Claire Ursine and Aimee Ursine, his ex, and daughter. Aimee’s pretty cute, and I like the way her name is spelled.


Aimee: Hey Dad, can you please put the screaming baby down and play with me instead?

Jared: Okay why not?

screenshot_145 And this is how Aimee stole Jared’s attention from Cinnamon: with a snowball fight.

Aimee: That’s what you get for leaving my mom you jerk!

Jared: Um, can you try to throw the snow balls a little softer? O_o”’


So Jared goes back inside to talk to Claire.

Jared: So I hope you understand that we are never ever ever ever getting back together. You know, cause it kind of seems like you haven’t noticed.

For some reason Jared still had Claire listed as a romantic interest even though he hadn’t talked to her since he moved in. Weird…


Claire: Oh so I guess the time we spent together really means nothing to you huh? You’d really rather have that fat lady over me?

Jared: Well, yes. At least she’s not a mean old hag like you.1382791128513

screenshot_148 Meanwhile Aimee convinced Penelope to build a snowman with her, and promptly ran off before it was even halfway finished.

screenshot_149 Penelope seemed to enjoy herself though, and built a pretty nice snowman!

Penelope: Hurray! 😀


Jared: Hey you! Who do you think you’re looking at? Huh? HUH?!


Jared: That’s what you get for looking at me the wrong way punk!

Snowman: Help… me…

screenshot_154 And so it was finally time to age up the little ones. First up is Colby Jack!

Penelope: Happy birthday! Hurray! 😀

I have to say her face does look a little creepy there though…


Colby: What is this witchcraft?


Colby: Caaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaakeeeeeeeeee O_o

His new trait is frugal. Meh.


Claire: LOL Jared your son sucks!

Colby: Give me a good reason to not shove this plate in your face.

screenshot_158 And so little Cinnamon got to age up next!

Cinnamon: Yay! I can see my nose!


Cinnamon: And now I can see my forehead.

Cinnamon rolled evil, this should be fun.

screenshot_160 She and Aimee immediately went outside to build another snowman.


Aimee: You’re like a veggie burger, not real meat. I’m real meat so that makes me better than you. Dad likes me better!


Cinnamon: Yeah you better give me a good reason not to slap you for that. Dad doesn’t even live with you. Keep telling yourself that he likes you the best.


Aimee: This is my world! I’m going to rule one day, and when I do, DAD WILL BE MINE! ALL MINE!!!!

Cinnamon: Dude, you have some serious problems…

screenshot_166 Aimee then went inside and declared herself queen of the household.

Aimee: I am royalty, love me my subjects!

Cinnamon: I wish I could just shove this cake in your face…

screenshot_168 Then Cinnamon started developing a plan.

Cinnamon: Though we may share a father it is I who has the better mother! Therefore I have the better genes and inheritance! Which means that I have power over her!


Cinnamon: And with that power I will control her to do my bidding, and then I will rule the entire world!


Cinnamon: You sir, will be the first to feel my wrath!

Snowman: Please don’t!


Cinnamon: Behold my power!

screenshot_172 Meanwhile Colby stuck to his true nature as well. He sat on the couch, and ate cake. A true couch potato.

screenshot_173 Penelope and Jared decided to enjoy the winter weather as well, and built an igloo.

screenshot_174 They had quite a bit of fun in it as well.


Cinnamon: Brother I request your help, I am making an army and would like you to help me. If we win the war then I will give you some of the winnings.

Colby: So we’re gonna build a snowman?

Cinnamon: Yes.


Cinnamon: Yes, with the reaper on our side we shall be undefeated!

Colby: Hee hee, that was fun.

screenshot_175Cinnamon then went to talk to her now half naked father.

Jared: It’s like super chilly outside isn’t it?

Cinnamon: Well you probably wouldn’t be so cold if you weren’t exposing yourself. I swear, your chest sparkles like a diamond. Are you secretly Edward Cullen?

Jared: Um, what?


Cinnamon: Anyways you should get inside before you freeze to death. I need to make sure you stay alive so that Aimee remembers that your mine.

 Jared: Um, okay. O_o

screenshot_180 After that Cinnamon finally finished building her army.

Cinnamon: *pops neck* Piece of cake.

screenshot_181 This is her army! To bad she forgot that they’ll melt as soon as spring comes.

screenshot_183 After that I had her start working on the logic skill since she already has three points from being a toddler.

screenshot_182I also have Colby learning the painting skill so that we can get pictures of everyone.

Anyways that’s it for now! I hope you enjoyed the chapter! See you next time!

Chapter 6: The Joys of Marriage


Jared: Rah! We’re married!

Penelope: Why is that suddenly scary?!

Welcome to another chapter of Pleasantly Plump! I apologize for the wait on the chapter, I’ll do my best to update faster. Also I will be narrating a lot of this chapter. So lets get to it!

screenshot_89 Besides scaring Penelope now and then, Jared has been a good husband. He even fixes things when they break at least.

screenshot_90screenshot_91 They don’t have enough money for a table and chairs yet though, so they enjoy their dinner together n the bathroom. That’s romance for you!


Penelope: Oh my plumbob what did I eat?


 Penelope: Blarrrrrrrrrrgh! Ugh why do I get the feeling someone is writing about this?

No reason…

screenshot_95 And the toilet broke once again, making our poor Penelope fix it.


These two are very much in love, constantly showing each other affection autonomously. I’m surprised that Jared Frio is capable of showing such love.

screenshot_99 And then the couple was invited to a spooky day party! Jared started staring at the wall was he arrived too, how fun!

screenshot_100 Hey was instantly greeted by an angry tiger lady know as Madison VonWatson.

Madison: How funny it is to see you here Jared. I heard that you’re a “Pleasant ” now. Did you grow soft after dumping me?


Jared: Me? Soft?! Bitch I’ve got a knife hidden in this skin tight suit, don’t make me use it!


Madison: Leave this house or I’ll call the police and report that threat.

Jared: Alright, alright I was just kidding. No need to call the cops.

screenshot_103 After he finished harassing his ex-girlfriend he made a bee line for the laptop to troll on a forum. Guess he has to get his mean spirited trait out somewhere.

screenshot_105screenshot_104 Then Claire Ursine passes out and everyone decided to ignore her.

screenshot_106 And if you couldn’t tell by the out of character clothing we found out that Penelope is pregnant!

screenshot_107 She also ate her dinner with a very bitter Clarie Ursine.

Claire: So I heard you and Jared got married, congratulations. I’ll have to tell our daughter that.

Penelope: Uh, thank you…?

Penelope wasn’t too mad to hear the news though, after all everyone had their pasts. As longs as Clarie Ursine stayed in Jared’s past, she would be fine accepting Jared and Claire’s daughter.

screenshot_108They got home from the party and decided to have some fun. I’m pretty proud of Jared for being so good to our sweet Penelope.

screenshot_109 I noobishly forgot to put the walls down here too. Don’t worry, I’ve gotten better at taking screenshots finally!

Penelope: Jared honey, I don’t think you’ll hear the baby by listening to my boob.

screenshot_110As days went by the two of them got enough money for a table and chairs as well as a bookshelf. They even developed a routine of their own.

screenshot_112At the table they often sit and eat together or just read together. They’ve both been working hard at their cooking skill.

screenshot_113They do this almost everyday. It’s kind of sweet really.

screenshot_114 And then Jared wishes to throw a party. I only invited 4 people, however it seems those 4 people invited more people. An angry Madison VonWatson to be specific.

screenshot_115 Though that party had barely even started when Penelope started to feel some contractions.

Penelope: Jared I think it’s time!


Jared: Time for what?

Molly French: Oh my plumbob! She’s gonna explode!

Madison: This is so scary I think I’ll rip my hair out!

screenshot_117 After Jared finally figured out what was going on he took his wife to the hospital and canceled the party.

screenshot_118 And after multiple sim hours of waiting the couple comes out with a little boy.

screenshot_119 And a little girl! How’s that for luck?

screenshot_121And here’s the babies new bedroom! The wall paper is a mix of their favorite colors, and their cribs are themed with each child’s favorite color.

screenshot_122 This is Cinnamon Pleasant! Her traits are easily impressed and loves cold. Her favorite color is orange, her favorite music is kids, and her favorite food is ratatouille.

screenshot_123 And this is Colby Jack Pleasant! His traits are couch potato and virtuoso. His favorite music is kids, favorite food is grilled salmon, and his favorite color is spiceberry.

I rolled the traits for each kid, and they aren’t too bad I must say. Also the naming theme for each generation will be something that the founder or heir thinks is pleasant based on their LTW or traits. Since Penelope wants to be a master chief this generation will be named after different foods or spices. Colby Jack is a kind of cheese, and Cinnamon… I hope I don’t have to explain that one to you.

screenshot_124Once they got home from the hospital Jared engaged himself in a celebratory dance.

screenshot_125 And Penelope decided to get some much needed sleep after pushing two watermelons out of her lady parts.

Well that’s all for today folks! Hope you enjoyed the chapter. I hope you’re as excited about this generation as I am. I’ll try to update again soon.




Chapter 5: Falling in Love

Penelope’s POV:

screenshot_54Call me crazy, but I called Clark over for a second chance the next morning. Maybe he was just having a bad day yesterday? Yes I’m beginning to get desperate.

Penelope: So how do you feel about globes? They’re kind of cool. They map out the Earth and stuff.

Clark: Yeah they’re kind of cool.


Penelope: So how do you feel about seeing the moon?

Clark: No way! You’re not a lady cop!


Penelope: You should leave.

Clark: Kay bai. 😀

screenshot_57I decided to try my luck with Jared again, and met up with him at the park.

Penelope: So how do you feel about the color pink?


Jared: I don’t know it’s kind of a girly color… I prefer green.

Penelope: Is it because you have red hair and originated from Ireland?



Penelope: Since you’re a leprechaun, can I have a raise?

Jared: How about I answer you’re past two questions with no.


Penelope: Oh okay…

Obviously that didn’t go the best. However I’m still doing good with my pay from work without the raise.

screenshot_63 I managed to expand my house again, and finally got to exchange that old sleeping bag for a real bed. That was on of the best nights sleep I’d ever had in my life.

screenshot_65 I’m glad to have been able to sleep inside too, because it rained cats and dogs last night! Lightning even struck on my property leaving a scorch mark. (I’m not gonna to lie, EA’s thunder sound effect scares me. I guess you could say I’ve had some bad experience with hurricanes and thunder storms before.)

screenshot_67 (Here’s the inside of Penelope’s house now, her house looks pretty cozy despite the the fact it’s tiny.)

screenshot_68(And here’s the outside! It’s nothing much yet, but I can tell that it’s going to go places one day. As for the bricks, I did it mainly because of the song. Sing it with me, “She’s a brick house!” I love that song!)

screenshot_64 The next day I went to the book store to buy some recipes.

screenshot_66 Turns out that Jared was at the book store too. I decided to go ahead and chat with him, at the least maybe I could ask him about that raise again.

Penelope: Jared I just need to tell you that I really like you.

Jared: Oh really? I just got in a committed relationship with Madison VanWatson.

Penelope: What.


Penelope: Well you should break up with her because I saw her and your brother Connor Frio flirting with each other.

Jared: Oh okay I’ll go and break up with her then.


Penelope: Jared, I was really hoping that you and I could have a committed relationship instead. We both like cooking, and what’s better than a bond over food to bring two people together?

Jared: Sure I’m willing to give it a try.

screenshot_72My heart raced, I couldn’t believe I’d finally managed to find a boyfriend! I’ve been waiting for this forever.

screenshot_74 Later that week I decided to invite Jared over, I had something important to ask him.


Penelope: Jared I need to ask you something.


Jared: What is it?


Jared:  *Gasps*

Penelope: I know it’s a bit soon but I need to know. Jared Frio, I’m very poor and my house is little more than a box. I think that we could have a great life together though, so will you marry me?


Jared: Yes, I would love to marry you Penelope.


Jared: It’s so shiny! You must have gone to Jared!

screenshot_82screenshot_83 We decided to exchange vows and rings right there. I guess we were a bit caught up in the moment.

screenshot_84 Now we are Penelope and Jared Pleasant.

screenshot_85 (Just look at their love!)


(A/N) And That’s a wrap! I know that Jared has Mean spirited and inappropriate as traits, but I think that these two will actually manage to work together. I’ll probably give him the midlife crisis reward when he has enough points anyway.

screenshot_86 This is the house now that we have money from Jared. I made the bedroom and master bathroom a combination of their favorite colors. They were difficult to combine, but I think it turned out okay. Next time, babies!